Packing your glassware for a safe move

Written by Jennifer Beattie on Wednesday, 26 November 2014. Posted in Go Packing Tips

When you are packing really fragile and often expensive items (for example your best crystal), it is really worth investing in some good quality reinforced packing boxes.

Packing up your glassware
The supermarket boxes will do well enough for the kid’s toys or your linens, but a collapsing box is not what you want when it contains all your precious wedding glassware!

Unfortunately, the bottom falling out of a box happens all too often during a move, and no amount of superglue can fix the problem if it is your precious glasses and ornaments.

Point 1 - Help yourself and the moving team and purchase some good quality boxes and tape for packing up your fragile items.

How to pack glasses

Point 2 – Avoid using newspaper. This will leave unsightly marks on the glass and on you. If you pack your glasses in clean paper, you should be able to use them straight from the box. This will be handy for that glass of Champagne after a hard moving day!

How to pack glasses

Point 3 – Cushion the bottom of the box with paper or bubble wrap before packing.

Point 4 - Roll each individual glass in several sheets of clean packing paper, paying particular attention to any weak areas like the stem.

Point 5 – Pack all glasses vertically in a box, but pack them with the stems in opposite directions. Fill any gaps in the box with additional rolled up paper, this will eliminate the glasses bashing together.

How to pack glasses

Point 6 – Tape the box very securely and right the word Fragile all over it.

Point 7 – Make sure the moving company are aware of this box as they can ensure that it is placed in the moving van last.

If you follow these simple tips, you should have a safe and breakage free move.

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