Moving Internationally: a child’s eye view

Written by Jennifer Beattie on Sunday, 03 July 2016. Posted in Go Move Abroad, Go Packing Tips

Moving on your own or as a couple is difficult, but moving internationally with children can add a whole new dimension to your move planning.

Moving with Children

As a parent, worrying about schooling, childcare, safety, language etc. is inevitable, especially when moving to the unknown.

As an expert in moving families around the world the team at Go Group are often asked for their experience. Each child is different but we have found that the best people to tell you are the children themselves. So, we asked Louis aged 6 and Francesca aged 10 how they felt about moving overseas and what they were excited about.

What do you know about where you are moving to with your mum and dad?

Louis: Mummy says we are moving to a country called New York and that it has lots of really big buildings, they are so big that the sky is really far away and in some places you can’t see the sky! I think I am going to miss the sky. Mummy says there is a big park and we can go and play football and feed the ducks like we do here. I will miss our park here and my friend Sean.

Francesca: Louis, New York is a city not a country. The country is called the United States of America! Daddy took me there when I was your age, we went in a lot of taxis and visited quite a few tall buildings. It was fun, but is was noisy and a bit dirty. You can eat anything you want.

Louis: Can you eat chocolate pizza, sausages and cheese baguette?

Francesca: Probably! But you can also eat lots of other things that we don't have here.

What did you feel when mum and dad told you that you were moving house?

I cried because I thought Popy (our dog) wouldn’t be allowed on the airplane. But Popy is coming as well, she is just going to take a bit longer to get there than us. Sean’s mummy also said that they would come and visit us as soon as they are invited.

I have already asked Sean to my birthday - we are going to play football in my ‘new’ park.

Francesca: I cried – not as much as Louis though. I was supposed to go away to school next year but in New York I won’t have to as my new school is just across the park. I am happy about that - I didn’t want to go away to school, I would really miss mum, dad…….and Louis too much!

What are you excited about in your new country?

Louis: I am going to see mummy and daddy more because our new restaurant is in the same building as our house. Mummy can come and put me to bed, she can’t do that now because when they have to go to work they are far away in Paris.

Francesca: In my new school you can do nearly anything you want. I really want to try fencing and tap dancing, I think that looks pretty cool and you can do it in the actual school! I think I am going to get really good at English. I like English and dad says I will be speaking fluently in 6 months.

Louis: I can’t speak English.

Francesca: You’ll learn Louis, dad says it will be really fast for you, you are lucky.

Whilst Louis and Francesca represent only one family, their comments are not untypical. The most consistent feature in our experience is that children do much better when they know that their loved ones, parents, friends and pets are going to be nearby or at least not far behind!

At Go Group we provide all the services to help you move across the street or across the world. From packing, unpacking and move planning to car and pet shipping and even finding and setting up your new home in your new country. All our services are designed to help reduce the stress and time associated with international moves. With our help you will have more time to concentrate on the most important things in life like settling your children into new schools and finding the best place to walk the dog!

To contact one of our dedicated move management team you can fill out one of our forms here.

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