How to survive the unpacking stage of a move.

Written by Jennifer Beattie on Monday, 07 July 2014. Posted in Go Packing Tips, Go Moving Tips

You’ve arrived! After months of planning you are finally in your new home.

How to survive unpacking
Fido and Fluffy have arrived unscathed and the kids are in fine spirits despite the late nights and delayed flights. Now, the icing on the cake, all your bits and pieces have just been delivered and unloaded by the removal company!

At this point the feeling of relief may rapidly turn to dread as you face the mountain of unpacking. How did you accumulate all this stuff and where on earth are you going to put it all?

So here are some useful tips to help you survive the first few days of unpacking.

1 - Don’t panic! The pile of boxes may seem insurmountable, but you will get through them, even if it is only one box a day.

2 - Only unpack the essentials in the first few days. This will probably include beds and bedding, kitchen equipment and if you have children the odd toy. You will surprise yourself at how easily you can live with so little and this will take the pressure off the entire unpacking process. If you can’t find the children’s toys, give them a couple of empty boxes, they will amuse themselves for hours!

3 - Check your inventory and move all the boxes to the appropriate rooms before you start unpacking.

4 - When you do decide to start, pace yourself. Moving and unpacking is hard work and if you wear yourself out now, you will quickly become overwhelmed and have less energy to ‘create’ your new home. If you are on your own it will be easier, but with a family, you will only get limited blocks of unpacking before everybody gets bored or hungry; so try to be patient.

5 – Don’t unpack unless you have somewhere to put it. You might have to put some of those storage units together before you can unpack the books. Try to create and unpack one room at a time. If you need to decorate, it would be better to leave your things in the boxes.

6 - Don’t buy anything new, tempting though it is. After a move it is very easy to spend too much money re-equipping yourself because you cannot find things.

7 - Involve the whole family and if possible give them jobs to do. This may not be easy if you have younger children, but for older children you can give each a job or a specific box to unpack.

8 - Get rid of the boxes as you clear them; providing the children aren’t playing with them of course! Collapse, recycle or give them away. Psychologically you will feel better watching the mountain of boxes disappear.

9 - Ask for help, for example, friends and family or a babysitter to amuse the children. It is not essential, but you will find the process easier with help. Alternatively, many moving and relocation companies offer a full moving and unpacking service. Imagine the luxury of having everything unpacked for you!

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